Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Favorite Images of 2022

The sun has set on the year 2022, but the memories, the images, the lessons learned, and the resolve for the future carry forward. My most epic adventure of the year was my wilderness backpacking trip in Olympic National Park, during which I fell and broke my wrist. I have now learned that I have “severe” osteoporosis, which may well mean that it will have been my last wilderness adventure. Nevertheless, it will always stay in my memory for its awe-inspiring natural beauty.

The Pacific coast is only an hour’s drive from my home, so I can hope for more glorious sunsets in the years to come.

I am so grateful to have been here in the Pacific Northwest, near mountains and coastline, for all of 2022.

Thanks, John, and all the Lens-Artists for your inspiration last year. I look forward to seeing what 2023 brings into your viewfinder!

22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Favorite Images of 2022

  1. Loved this Priscilla – but so sorry to hear about the osteoporosis. I remember your post about breaking your wrist and hope it’s fully healed. Your images are terrific but the heart-rock stole MY heart this week!

  2. I forgot you broke your wrist in that adventure. That was quite and ordeal and memory for 2022. And yet…look what you brought us. The Oregon Coast really is beautiful. It is had to capture in all it’s glory and you always bring it. I love the silhouette photos, specifically the fisherman. And I love the hike through the wildflowers. Awe inspiring moments for you to remember, aren’t they. Happy New Year, Priscilla

  3. Beautiful memories in pictures – but sorry to hear about your osteoporosis. I hope you will have a great 2023 with many opportunities to enjoy nature!

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