Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Motion

“A still photograph is called a still photograph because the picture doesn’t move, not because the objects in the picture are not in motion. The photographer’s mission, should he decide to accept it, is to capture motion with stillness. ” – Vincent Versace

Patti, our Lens-Artist host, prompts: “This week, we invite you to have fun with motion. Show us images where you froze the action or focused on the moving parts of an image in the foreground or the background. Maybe you discovered techniques like action panning or time lapses. It’s your choice.”

I have to admit that I haven’t experimented very much with using the blur of motion creatively in my photos. I have used slower shutter speeds to suggest flow, but haven’t done anything dramatic with moving the camera while the aperture is open. I also don’t have any post-production software installed that I can play with. When I look at my images, I see either “freeze” or “flow”.

This last image, however, is more of an example of “surprise and fear”! When this tarantula scurried across my path near Battleship Rock in New Mexico, I reached for my camera and snapped a shot without checking the exposure settings.

20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Motion

  1. UGH for the tarantula Priscilla – I can’t believe you stopped to take a photo, I’d have been running in the opposite direction immediately! Your opening quote is marvelous and I loved the fire image especially

  2. Lovely pictures, Priscilla – I especially like the egret flying over the water and the last shot of the tarantula. I’m not crazy about seeing pictures of spiders but I like the movement and composition in this one!

  3. Excellent. Love the running couple…and the fire. The tarantula would have scared the s-t out of me, and I would never have taken out my camera!

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