Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Surreal

My personal world is a bit surreal at the moment. I fell and broke my wrist on a wilderness backpacking trip on Monday. I had to hike two more days to get out to the car and off to a hospital. My hiking buddies were absolute angels, and I have an epic tale to tell. But I don’t have two working hands with which to create photos.

I was hiking a stretch of coastline in Olympic National Park in Washington state. The rainforest of the Pacific Northwest gets an average of 100 inches of rain a year. The trees are giants. The legendary Bigfoot or Sasquatch is said to roam these parts. I would love to have captured him emerging from the fog (or created that impression in a photo), but current limitations make that difficult. So these are very real shots on the theme of Bigfoot, instead.

My attempt at this challenge falls far short. Do visit our host, Tracy, to see Surreal treated well. I wish I had some cheesecake…

24 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Surreal

  1. LOL Priscilla – you’ve made the most of a difficult situation. Awfully difficult to be a one-handed photographer but one the other hand (pun intended) you might accidentally create some truly surrealist images! Too bad it would be really tough to process them with one hand too!! Hope you heal quickly – KUDOS for getting thru the walk back to your starting point with a broken wrist – yikes!

  2. Goodness, Scilla. Hiking with a broken wrist for two days must have made you feel light-headed. You must have caught many glimpses of Bigfoot during that period, which I am sure you would have snapped a photo if you had two functioning hands. I love your photos. The landscape looks very Jurassic Parkish.

  3. I would say you get the prize this week. I can’t imagine hiking out two days with a broken wrist.

    The Bigfoot add was perfect. Fun and funny, and surreal. I have an acquaintance who talks of encounters in his town of Bigfoot. No other explanations possible. Surreal for sure. I’m glad you didn’t have to run away from one.

    Heal up quickly. Donna

  4. Everything surreal…well done with a broken wrist, Priscilla. I wouldn’t have that stamina to hike on .

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