Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Doors

I’m mostly out of doors. Literally. I wondered if I even had any in my photo files? Windows I remember photographing. But doors? Hm. The earliest example I have is below, taken with a borrowed camera more than a decade ago. This door tells a story. But it’s not my story. Interestingly, when I first posted this picture taken in a small town in Wisconsin, a reader commented that this was her home town. Her school bus stop was the chairs beside these doors.

I mostly choose to photograph nature and landscapes. I feel I belong in those stories. But of course, there is interconnection between the natural world and human-crafted doorways. What is my perspective on these passageways?

What is my relationship to this door? Does it beckon me to enter or shut me out? What is the story in a doorway you choose to pass by completely but that others engage with regularly? Below is a gallery of random doors I found deep in my files. Each one reminds me of a particular story, a particular place. I don’t think any of these photographs are especially artful or interesting. But their variety is fascinating. Mirrors, wood, function, decoration, and states of repair create a world of comment on human passage.

This challenge is hosted by guest Lens-Artist Sylvia Bacon. Do visit HER POST to see her colorful expressions of this theme. Thank you, Sylvia, for your inspiration!

10 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Doors

  1. Wow Priscilla – for someone who doesn’t photograph doors you sure had some excellent entries for the week! I literally had to look up the terms recombobulation – so now I have a new word with which to impress my friends. Especially loved your opening image and the path through all that snow.

    • Thanks! Yellow door is the house in CA that my parents bought in 1976 and sold in 2021. Lots of stories there. 🙂 Recombobulation happens at the MKE airport, it would seem… 😉

  2. Priscilla, the blue door looks like it has a lot of history and is waiting to tell its own story. Interesting that someone commented on it years ago. And, I love the sign over the door leading to the Recombobulation Area. I also had to look it up the word and can understand why it is located in an airport! I really like your selection, thank you for participating.

  3. When working on this topic it was surprising how many interesting doors I discovered, and each with its own colorful personality. Thanks, so glad you like this topic!

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