Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Curves

“Beauty: it curves, curves are beauty.”
― James Joyce

“Curves are so emotional.” ― Piet Mondrian

“My live is one long curve, full of turning points.”
― Pierre Trudeau

The shape of a curve – elegant, delicate, graceful – is so very pleasing to my eye. In calligraphy, cursive is the romantic way to write. All those curvy embellishments just beg you to dawdle lovingly over every letter. Curves are about pleasure, I think. In Nature or in man-made objects, curves lend a sense of the exotic. No wonder I find so many examples in my photos! Here’s a gallery of images, strung together like a love letter in script. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to Ann-Christine for delighting us with this challenge theme. Click HERE to view her post and participate.

22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Curves

  1. Such fun photos and quotes
    And I wonder about the Mondrian quote and he had less curves in his later works – all those strait lines and primary colors and so maybe he stayed away from curves if he thought they were too emotional ?

      • Yeah and it is a little hard to tell what he was thinking because we have a very small quote there and it makes me curious as to the context and overall discussion that led to that quote you gave us!
        But we sure don’t always need to have context to use quotes – right?

  2. Love your gallery, Priscilla. “Curves are about pleasure, I think.” I think so too. The raindrops, the guitars, the fronds, the beautiful steps – and the quotes. Thank you for a bright and positive post. Always needed.

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