Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Travel Has Taught Me…

…that you don’t have to go far to get a completely different perspective. Last week, temperatures were in the 30s (F) and the fog in the Willamette Valley was so thick you couldn’t see three feet in front of you. But just over the mountains, just an hour’s drive away, the sun was shining on the coast and temperatures were pushing 60 degrees Fahrenheit!

…that sustaining life on our planet is a matter of delicate balance. I hadn’t been to the coast in a week. The day after our last visit, a tsunami generated by the volcanic eruption near Tonga hit the Pacific Coast of Oregon, carving cliffs on the shore and depositing piles of driftwood.

…that the Earth’s beauty is vast and easily accessible. Look up, look down, look deeply, look broadly. Colors and patterns and exquisite details are everywhere.

…that finding treasure is within reach, the moment you set out from your habitual routine. Moving during a pandemic makes building community difficult, but by stepping out of my little apartment and making intentional connections with local groups, I have found some precious new friends.

Thank you to Amy for hosting this week’s challenge and sharing some fabulous photos from her world travels. Click HERE to see her post and learn how to participate.

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Travel Has Taught Me…

  1. Thank you, Priscilla for responding this theme through your lens. They are beautifully captured. The sunset scene is spectacular! It’s wonderful to connect with local people and found new friends.

  2. Love the way you wrote the copy for this post — just enough to make it understandable and interesting. I love the shots on the beach and for incorporating your love of nature. An excellent take on this week’s challenge.

  3. I love the way you added your words and lessons (advice) throughout the post – and feel like this one was my fav

    “that the Earth’s beauty is vast and easily accessible. Look up, look down, look deeply, look broadly. ”

    and the heart in the rock – super cool – I recently grabbed a phot of a straw wrapper on the ground in the shape of a heart

  4. Such a graceful depiction of the weeks theme. The Oregon Coast is breathtaking. I can only imagine all the changes with the tidal change. Lots to stumble upon. The heart is the best. donna

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