Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Colorful April

“April this year, not otherwise
Than April of a year ago
Is full of whispers, full of sighs,
Dazzling mud and dingy snow;
Hepaticas that pleased you so
Are here again, and butterflies.”
― Edna St. Vincent Millay

This morning in April, here in Oregon, there is frost on the ground, but the sun is shining brightly. I’ve spotted daffodils and tulips and crocuses and forsythia and trillium and trout lily and Western blue flag iris in bloom already this month. The predominant color around here, though, is Spring Green. Fescue fields cover vast expanses of farmland nearby, where Icelandic sheep, domestic sheep, horses, goats, and donkeys graze.

On the first day of April, the trails around the marsh at Finley Wildlife Refuge open for the season. They are closed during the winter to protect the migrating birds who are resting and nesting. The skies are full of long skeins of flocks from November through March. When I ventured over there a few days ago, I noticed a small population of ducks and geese, and one heron. I had only my Samsung Galaxy phone with me, but I took a few photos nevertheless.

“Spring is made of solid, fourteen-karat gratitude, the reward for the long wait. Every religious tradition from the northern hemisphere honors some form of April hallelujah, for this is the season of exquisite redemption, a slam-bang return to joy after a season of cold second thoughts.” ― Barbara Kingsolver

I have to add my gratitude for the gifts of flowers that I have received this month as well, displayed on my dining room table. (again, taken with my phone) They certainly illustrate a return to joy in my life!

Thank you to Amy at The World Is A Book for inviting us to share the theme of her beautifully colorful post. May we all experience that April “hallelujah” and new joy in our lives!

22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Colorful April

  1. An April Hallelujah indeed Priscilla! How wonderful to be out and about again enjoying the beauty of spring. Your images are lovely – I especially loved the tulips and the little boy

  2. The Finley Wildlife Refuge is beautiful, so glad you get a chance to visit. I love your colorful spring flower gallery. Thank you for sharing these lovely flower you received. Yes, I, too, am looking forward to new joy in our lives. 🙂

  3. Wonderful post, Priscilla! The quotes and images show the glory and miracle of spring. I love the look of joy on your little one’s face and your husband’s smile at the CBG. A precious memory, I’m sure. I hope all’s well with you. I’ll be in touch shortly.😀

    • I was surprised to find them here in Oregon because I know them from Wisconsin. Trillium and trout lily in Oregon seem to grow much bigger than their counterparts in Wisconsin.

  4. You have captured April beautifully, Scilla. All the things that we look forward to seeing after the long winter months. And I love that picture of your son enjoying a spring day with his daddy.

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