Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Striped and Checked

“You want what now?” asked Miss Plaid…


And Checks? Do you mean personal checks?”

Okay, since you asked, Ann-Christine, here are a few:


Thanks for a fun challenge this week, all about looking for patterns in line! 

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Striped and Checked

  1. Dear Scilla. You always seem to come up with perfect response to any Photo challenge. Are your photos tagged and filed meticulously? Or is it, as I suspect, you have a fantastic memory? Lovely shots that made me wonder and smile. Thanks. Meg

    • Oh, Meg, I am not at all that organized! I just scroll through the stuff in my WP Media Library and every once in a while add something new at the top. I do have a “photographic” memory, though, that keeps me entertained when I’m nowhere near a computer. I’m very visual. Can describe scenes from my life with great detail. It’s keeping me company during this pandemic isolation, and I’m grateful. 🙂

  2. Perfect as usual, Priscilla! Read your answer to Meg with interest too – you also have photographic memory. Love your examples, especially your man looking out over the mountains and also the construction site!

  3. You found some terrific examples this week Priscilla but I must admit my favorite was your opening – what a clever and perfect way to begin your post! Your “photographic memory” served you very well this week!

  4. Fabulous, Priscilla. Great choices. My favorites are your black and white shots–like the coiled rope and the last one with the abandoned building and the girders. But they all are terrific!

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