Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: A Photo Walk

Well, the sun’s not so hot in the sky today
And you know I can see summertime slipping on away.
A few more geese are gone, a few more leaves turning red,
But the grass is as soft as a feather in a featherbed.
So I’ll be king and you’ll be queen, our kingdom’s gonna be this little patch of green.
Won’t you lie down here right now in this September grass?
Won’t you lie down with me now, September grass. (James Taylor)

My first photo walk with my new digital camera, a present I bought myself for my 50th birthday, was in September of 2012. I was living in Wisconsin then, and Autumn was just beginning to show its colors. I went to Lapham Peak State Park to try to capture some of the crisp scenery.ย The observation tower looks out over the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. I’ve been up that tower in every season, but Fall is my favorite.

Down below the tower, milkweed beetles clustered on the pods, adding more warm color to the Fall palette.

Do you see those ants dancing on a blade of grass?
Do you know what I know? That’s you and me, baby.
We’re so small and the world’s so vast, we found each other down in the grass.
Won’t you lie down here right now in this September grass?
Won’t you lie down with me now, September grass.

The greatest triumph of the day, however, was the moment when we startled three sandhill cranes who took to the sky just a few yards away. I whipped out my new camera with no time to adjust the settings and snapped two shots. I was absolutely thrilled with the results!

Revisiting this beautiful Fall walk in Wisconsin is just the thing to lift my spirits. At the moment, I am in California caring for my mom in hospice. The temperature is in the high 90s, and the air quality is very unhealthy due to the wildfires in the wine country northeast of here. Walking outside is not recommended. Thank you, Amy, for inviting me to take a Photo Walk in my mind’s eye. It helps to remind me to look up!

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: A Photo Walk

  1. Hope things are going alright out there Priscilla, I’m sure it’s really difficult for you, not only caring for your mother but dealing with the smokey air and the pandemic all at once. Thanks so much for taking the time to join us this week. Glad we were able to move you at least mentally to a fond memory.

  2. Thanks for taking us on your ‘photo walk’, I have been doing a lot of that this summer, but now with the cooler weather in Michigan I’m thinking I need to take more walks with my camera. Taking photos of nature settles my mind and soul, and gives me a sense of peace. Although your days are so hard, be sure to treasure your last days with your mom. I wasn’t able to be with my mom as she was dying because of work demands and I regret it.

    • Wise words, Pat, thanks. I do treasure her; today she shared some stories of my late husband. They sang in choirs together while I was away at college. I am so grateful that she has those memories!

  3. I really liked this walk with you. I hope everything goes well, Priscilla, a lot of encouragement from Spain, where the leaves also start to change color.

  4. Such an enjoyable photo walk, Priscella. The captures of these milkweed beetles are amazing. I haven’t see them the past two years. Love these two images of bird in flight, wow. The last image brings high hope. Thank you for this special photo walk.
    I apolozed for being late here. I was wondering about your weekly post. ๐Ÿ™‚ Appreciate you finding time to join us. Take care.

  5. Lovely to read your blog again, though sorry to hear of your tough time. Your sky shot is glorious – so grateful for skies and grasses and all alive and open things!

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