Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Autumn

In autumn, the trees start to sing once again
of the bittersweet mystery of change.
Is it beauty or pain
now attached to my soul?
Is it grief…or relief…or nostalgia?

In the scarlet and gold,
the blood red of life’s hold on my heart
and the warmth of its love
mingles memories and years
into afternoon tears
falling softly as leaves to the ground.
— Priscilla Galasso,from “The King’s Gift” ©1997

The Lens-Artists challenge subject for this week is the season of Autumn. It is my very favorite season for color; the muted tones of greens, golds, oranges, reds, and browns in all shades of light create a tapestry woven of beauty and pain so exquisite that it makes me weep. The poem above was my attempt to describe the feeling of Autumn as it washes over me each year. I have lived most of my life in the Midwest where the deciduous trees undergo a spectacular change in their life cycle every Fall. I will be moving to Oregon next week, and in a few months, I will get the chance to witness the season in quite a different way. I’m looking forward to photographing it!

Thank you, Patti, for hosting this week and sharing your beautiful Autumn photos. 

26 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Autumn

  1. I love that line in your poem…”the bittersweet mystery of change.” It really defines the season for me, Priscilla. Lovely. And your photos are gorgeous! Best of luck on your move. Oregon is supposed to have spectacular scenery. I’m sure you’ll love exploring it.

  2. Lovely images of fall — especially the richly colored leaves that we don’t get in Knoxville, Tennessee. We have fall, but not always that pretty. Best wishes on your move to Oregon. I hope the packing/unpacking goes well.

  3. What a beautiful photo gallery of fall. All are beautifully captured, and they are very special.
    Love your poem. Thank you, Priscilla for sharing!

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