Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Architecture

I’m so impressed with Amy’s beautiful challenge post of the architecture of Machu Picchu with the accompanying audio that I’m going to have to go in a completely different direction for my post so as not to invite comparison.
After the sublime…the ridiculous.

And the humble.

12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Architecture

  1. A cool mixed photos of architecture. The first section was fun to walk through. I love these barns, they are beautifully captured.
    Thank you for joining in, Scilla

  2. I will certainly go visit Amy, but these are not at all ridiculous. Pleasure through and through. I love the black-and-white. The countryside views have just the right amount of color and detail and barns are always fun. Altogether satisfying, Priscilla. / Jamie

  3. Love your take on this – nice shots too. The humble part is my part – and I laughed when I saw the sign in the first shot: “Victorian Architecture”!

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