Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Unexpected

This was a tough challenge: unexpected!
Especially for a “nature photographer”.

Finding something more unnatural in my photo albums took some digging. Eventually, I began to see that the “unexpected” shots I had could be divided into objects and behaviors. The appeal of these photos is that they can tell a story all by themselves, even without an explanation. What kind of story would you write about these scenes?

Β My thanks to Ann-Christine for this refreshing invitation to reveal the unexpected.Β 

11 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  1. Well…you certainly found some unexpected scenes there…that mammoth (?) is really spectacular! Where did you find that one? I would love to know the stories behind all of these…That person standing in a plastic tent or a devastated umbrella? Thank you for a really funny entry! Writing stories to them would be a dream!

    • The mammoth is a sculpture at a nature center in the Ice Age National Scenic trail system not far from where I live in Wisconsin. The guy wrapped in plastic was participating in a weeding project on a rainy day…and just decided to put the garbage bag around himself. Random weird stuff is all around!

  2. Ha! These are fun. My thought of #3: “Oh, but you said you won’t put it on your blog!” πŸ˜‰ #4 looks slightly menacing, as if a shooting party will commence. and #5 is rather incomprehensible. πŸ˜€ Fun!

    • LOL! #3 is a dancer at my brother’s wedding, hired intentionally to shock some of the guests. #4 is a practice set up for my son’s wedding photo shoot (the teddy bear needed some height, hence the music stand), and #5 is a random bit of behavior at a weeding party on a rainy day. Random bits, for sure. I’m glad they amused!

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