Lens-Artists Challenge: Curves

Curves are everywhere in Nature. I can’t think of any example of truly straight lines in Nature, with the exception of crystals. Even pine needles are gently curved.

I love the graceful elegance of curves. I’ve always envied people with naturally curly hair and marveled at the possibilities that medium allowed. I would arrange my youngest daughter’s hair for hours…if she’d let me. 

In appreciation of Nature’s curly hair, I will play with botanical images. Like yucca…

…and fern……and redwood bark, believe it or not,…

…and the beautiful, slender curves of grass. 

I have no deep desire to make the curvy straight, the rough places plain, nor to inflict geometrical precision on the surprising and unpredictable. I want Life to be unfettered, loose and free-flowing — at least in my head. In daily behavior, though, I’m still a straight-haired practical person. And I still envy my daughter’s hair.


Thank you, Tina, for hosting this week’s Challenge. May you find graceful, natural curves all around!

10 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge: Curves

  1. Some lovely curves there Priscilla. As a curly-haired person I always envied straight (green grass-other side right?). Now that I’m older it’s all about easy. And curly is just fine by me😊

    • I was too young in the 60s when straight, fine hair was ‘in’. Farrah Fawcett & Big Hair 80s pushed me ‘out’. Older than 50 ‘easy’ is no problem: I wear a long, straight ponytail. I have returned to acceptance. 🙂

    • Thank you. ❤ Winter and static cling do just the opposite of that wonder of humidity. I slick my very long hair into a bun and pretend I've been wearing a knit hat all day…even if I haven't. My flat hair just looks like that.

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