Lens-Artist Challenge: 2018 in Review

Best of the month: January












This has been an eventful year in my life. My son’s wedding, my daughter’s graduation, trips to Badlands, California, and Oregon — I have so much beauty to remember, so much to be grateful for. My personal calendar of photos reflects my little world of favorite things to look at: my loved ones and the view of Nature around me.

I also think of all that these photos do not show that has occurred this year. The world is a mixture of joy and suffering, always. The lens of compassion is the one that I hope is always in my mind’s eye. 

Thank you, Ann-Christine, for inviting us to reflect on the year that is past and to look forward to improving in the next. 

13 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Challenge: 2018 in Review

  1. January picture is amazing! I love the light effect. But of course, August is my fave. It’s surely been a mixy year, but these images remind me that opportunities for hope, joy, wonder are always there, we just have to remember to look.

    • It was quite satisfying to see that every month, I found something lovely right in front of me. And I could probably do that every day, every hour. I’m thinking that next year, there will be more of California right in front of me, and I’m looking forward to that! 🙂

  2. “The world is a mixture of joy and suffering, always. ” It is. And you sent us a beautiful series from your year – the last one looks so full of life and joy! Wish we could always look like that! Thank you for joining in!

  3. The world IS a mixture Priscilla, but you’ve shown such a wonderful perspective on your post, clearly you focus on the positives. Especially loved your closing capture. Family, pets and nature all in one. What could be better?! Best to you in 2019

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