Lens-Artist Weekly Photo Challenge: Magical Light

“Light! More light!” – last words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Was Goethe, the celebrated poet and scientist and author of The Theory of Colors, crying out his final request in an effort to quench his thirst for enlightenment of the mind, the soul, or the eye? Or all three?
I am sure they are all interconnected.
Coincidentally, his deathbed wish became the motto of Lawrence University in Wisconsin, where I sent my oldest child to college. 

Three things converged earlier this week to illustrate to me the power of light and its affect on my soul.

First, on Sunday, we switched our clocks back from Daylight Savings Time. The sun slips further away from the Northern Hemisphere, and daylight hours are noticeably diminished. Nights fall early, and mornings are dark.

On Tuesday, the U.S. had midterm elections. An ominous gloom has settled and hung over this country since our last election. I am anxious for my children, the planet, and the future. I feel the grip of darkness in my soul.

I suspect that I am susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. I feel physically drained, deeply depressed, cold and vulnerable. Cloudy, dark days bring questions of personal survival to my mind. And then, Thursday night, temperatures dropped and the first snow fell. 

Fortunately, the next morning I was scheduled to volunteer in a Nature Center class of fourth graders. I drove carefully through the falling snow, noticing changes all around. The minute I arrived in the parking lot, I saw a small child lifting her face to the sky with her tongue out, hoping to catch a falling flake. Her face was lit with joy.

Light from the souls of the children flooded my day. Snow angels, snowball target practice, a hike through the woods to the river, and the emergence of a distant but brilliant sun made my mood by the late morning sparkle. There is magic in light, in warmth, in proximity to the energy of our home star, the Sun. The magic brings life to every living thing. I am aware of its sustenance and my dependence on it. And I give thanks for it every day. Thanks, also, to Amy for inviting us to share the magic with this Photo Challenge! 

12 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Weekly Photo Challenge: Magical Light

  1. I can appreciate your SAD disorder Priscilla, I feel so much better living in the south. It’s definitely a real thing altho some would say not. On the other hand there is something so special about the first snowfall it’s one of the few things I do miss about the north. Lovely images, esp the snow 🙂

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  3. Just think.. only 5 more weeks to the shortest day and then we are on our way to spring ( it works in my head! )
    I lived in Southern Ireland for 25 years. Surrounded by little lakes ( not as pretty as it sounds!) we had a ceiling of clouds for the majority of the year.. probably about 320 days. The greyness was terrible and affected me badly. In the end I bought a light box and that really helped ( I was also working a lot of night duty so some weeks barely saw daylight at all ) Since I moved to the south east of England I haven’t needed it because we get so much more sun and I always make sure I get out in it when I can.
    Empathy with you sister.. ps.. Love the photos x

    • Yes, my sister in San Francisco escapes the fog in the summer to seek sun in the mountains and deserts of California. Kind of hard to imagine there are places in California that don’t see sun in the summer.

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