Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

You might as well ask me, “Which is your favorite child?”
How can I choose between woodland lakes…

…and desert canyons……or even my own front yard? 

I will just say that this place called Earth is my favorite and my home, and I will defend her to my dying day. I will take her as a whole and not state a preference for certain parts. She is a mosaic of interdependent cells, a Being of utter complexity and uniqueness. 

Favorite Place


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

  1. A great collage. I have one particular favorite, that craggy rock mostly in shadow, but with the tinge of light at the top and the same pattern of shadow and light repeated in the clouds above. That is a great shot!

  2. Beautiful photos for this week’s challenge. I like the sunlight on the ridge top in the shadowed 2 photo.

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