Weekly Photo Challenge: Wisconsin Tour Guide

“Share with us an image, or two, or three, (or more!) of where you live.” 

If you look up over this post title, you will see two links to separate pages labelled “Wisconsin Historical” and “Wisconsin Outdoors”. You will find quite a few more than three photos there!

I moved to Wisconsin 7 years ago from Illinois, and have absolutely fallen in love with my new home state. I used to summer at Girl Scout camp as a child in northern Wisconsin, but I’ve come to feel like I’ve always belonged outside, here, even after living for 15 years in California. When I first moved north, I worked for 3 summers at Old World Wisconsin, a 575-acre living history museum that recreates 19th century farm and town settlement. Last year, I moved onto a property that is owned by the land trust that employs me. I have thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by 56 acres of Wisconsin woodland, wetland, and restored prairie. 

Wisconsin is a ridiculously photogenic state. It can take your breath away, fill you with pride, and surprise you at every outing. When we’re out hiking, my partner Steve very often just flings wide his arms and remarks (to nobody in particular), “Ladies and gentlemen — Wisconsin!”

Yes, it deserves your attention and applause. Here’s why: 

Tour Guide

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wisconsin Tour Guide

  1. I went to undergrad in Madison and thoroughly enjoyed it, even the Januaries and Februaries! I’ve re-visited since then and continue to find Wisconsin to be a beautiful state.

  2. Gorgeous!! I’m so glad I got to follow your blog and see Wisconsin at least in this way, so that it doesn’t remain just one of the U.S. states which we, Europeans, have such difficulties to tell them apart. I wish you happy Wisconsin, and beyond!

  3. Lovely shots! Not sure if I ever told you but I went to UW Madison and met my husband there. My uncle lives in Cedarburg and my husband grew up in Milwaukee so we have strong Wisconsin roots. We also lived and got married in Chicago before moving to Minneapolis. 🙂

    • We do seem to have similar connections to this area! I love Madison and the University. Such a strong contingent of Aldo Leopold-inspired scientists and environmentalists! My daughter got her MA there and her BA at Lawrence in Appleton, while I was still living in Illinois. She is one reason I was pulled northward.

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