Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Growth can be experienced in many dimensions. All around are things that are growing deeper, broader, wider, higher, inward and outward. In this culture, though, a dominant expectation says that growth is “up and to the right” – as in a chart of profit over time. This single story spreads a kind of growth retardant in other areas. My focus has never been on increasing my wealth. I’ve had paying jobs at a nursing home, a summer camp, a school district, a children’s theater company, a few museums, and a land trust. Most of them are non-profit organizations that measure their success in benefits that are not easily quantified.

Surely, though, multi-dimensional growth can be captured in snapshots over time. There is always a beginning point……any number of midpoints……and some final outcomes. Whatever you are nurturing this year, be it a new skill……a deeper relationship……a broader viewpoint……or an inner journey,I wish you joy in the process and peace and contentment in the end. May 2018 be a great year of growth for you! Cheers!


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

  1. Loved this so much. We begin our seed plantings down here in the desert in early march, nurture them, expose them to the outside in stages, then bring them back to Reno and begin reintroducing them to much colder climate (slowly). This year the tomato plants exceeded 6 feet or more but didn’t ripen early enough because of weird weather, so we harvested them, cared for them inside and the turned red–most of them. David ate the last of them a few days ago. Caring=growth. He is the main nurturer.

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