Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

“Hey, look! A plastic castle!”

No thank you. Plastic? Yuck. Man made? Not interested. 

My favorite diversions, distractions, and delightful detours are definitely of the flowers-and-butterflies variety.

Polygonia comma

Gray treefrog

Blue vervain

But to tell you the truth, these things are not merely beautiful bagatelles. These are the elements of a grand eco-system, the intrinsic parts of a working Universe. And so I am trying to be that disciplined, working person that focuses on protecting these habitats. They are not my distraction, then, they are my day plan. 

Ooh, Shiny!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

  1. These pictures are beautiful. I have never seen a gray tree frog. It looks so wise. And the butterfly is a great shot, and the flowers. Thank you for protecting habitats, Scilla.

    • My pleasure, Mary! I will do what I can for as long as I can. Thank you for your visit and for being a human who is mindful and humble about our species place in this world.

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