An American Adventure: Part Twelve

Memorial Day weekend around Moab, Utah was amazingly congested. This year, the Colorado river ran higher than usual from the recent snowstorm.  Recreational sites dot Highway 128 at regular intervals, and they all seemed to be full of boaters, campers, and bikers – humans with big, metal toys. We were searching for an entirely different kind of adventure, so we drove on north…and ended up at Dinosaur National Monument on the Green River.

However, the campsites with shade and accessible by our 2-wheel drive sedan were full up, and we didn’t have the energy to search for dispersed camping in the Ashley National Forest. We decided to break down and spend the night in an inn. After nine days, a hot bath was just too tempting! I have to say, I have a hard time ignoring my appreciation for plumbing. I can do it, but I can too easily undo it, too. Just 6 days into our adventure, I boiled some water on the campfire to wash our hair. The feel of water on my thirsty scalp out there on the canyon edge was exhilarating! Steve and I both have hair that grows almost down to our waists, though. Washing it and rinsing it thoroughly takes a lot of water. Without a handy renewable supply, it seems a poor choice.

But here’s another chance for awareness: how do I use water? What do I use it for? How much do I use? Can I use less? Should I use less?

7 thoughts on “An American Adventure: Part Twelve

  1. have you tried dry shampoo? Corn starch or baking soda for light hair, add cocoa powder for dark hair. Shake it on, brush it out. That’s the theory anyway. I haven’t gone there yet, though I just went cold turkey on hair care products and wash my hair with baking soda followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse.

  2. I suppose it is all a matter of texture. If the dust is fine enough and absorbent enough, it could be the same. Sand & dirt are gritty and no fun in bed at night. That’s why I like to camp near a water source. That and not wanting to carry more than about 1.5 litres with me up a mountain.

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