An American Adventure: Part Five

Scale and Humility

There is no way to capture the depth of the space in a canyon in a 2-dimensional photograph. If you are standing anywhere near it, though, you get a sense of your own size and scale in relation to it. After a full day of walking outdoors in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, I began to feel an existential shift. It may have been coupled with dehydration or an altitude reaction. That huge expanse of open air off the edge of the rim fascinated me. I could disappear, be swallowed whole, and evaporate like a drop of rain before hitting the ground. I stood before a terrifying beauty. I trembled. My legs were weak. I sat down on the rock shelf in Steve’s embrace and wept. 

13 thoughts on “An American Adventure: Part Five

  1. Fran and I passed nearby here last November (i,e. Silverton – maybe those mntns in the background) and saw the Gunnison but only on the map. Wow – such an amazing place. Happy Christmas to you and Steve, and your family – Cheers, Bruce

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