Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience (or Ambiance)

This week’s challenge reminds me of that old joke, “Why are there no restaurants on the moon?”

“No atmosphere.”

So, what’s my ambience? or ambiance? (seems there are two acceptable spellings). It’s Wisconsin. It’s January. The light is distant, southerly, and often behind clouds.arboretum in winter

The air is dry, sharp, and very cold (even in my living room!).  frosty-window

The mood is stark and immediate, like survival, but it brings a certain excitement to the senses. We are alert, light on our feet. 


There’s a certain pride in the folks who are out and about in this weather. febThey are hardy and happy, eager and resilient.

There’s something in the silence of snow – in the wide, white spaces – that brings out a solitude from which we derive a certain strength.

Welcome to Winter Wisconsin. I find it refreshing. snowy emergence


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience (or Ambiance)

  1. The snow covers all sounds, sharpens one’s senses by making them more tuned and accute to their surroundings… I love snow-covered landscapes (as long as I’m cozy and warm inside or well-tucked in layers outside).
    Great idea for today’s theme!

  2. I love being out and about in the cold, too. Not quite as happy when it’s chilly inside, but I can either bundle up more (likely) and bump up the thermostat (not as likely.) I do miss our wood-burning stove when it’s like this.


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