Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

It’s all about the initiation.  The beginning.  The sun rising in the east and making the western sky rosy.  The fog lifting. The commencement of new sound breaking out of silence. The birds, the frogs, calling back and forth. Another day, a new opportunity  for life. 

intricate 2

Looking at the effects that nighttime sunlessness has left on the world and realizing that other changes are still to come.  The frost will melt. The air will warm. 

early morning frost

It’s all about the sun. It’s come back again. Whatever we wished or feared, held in hope or anxiety, we have been given another day to work, to play, to love, to dread, or to be free. Continuation is the gift…or maybe the rule. What will you make of it?

renewal 2

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

  1. Hello. Did you take this photograph? It is exquisite! I was wondering, would you consider permitting me to use it on the front cover of a book I am soon to publish? I totally understand if you are not comfortable with that, but if it is something you would be okay with, I would put all the details you supplied me with. I just think this is the loveliest photo I have seen in a long time and so I thought I would take the chance and ask! If you want to write me back my email is candicelouisa@rocketmail.com thank you so much either way is fine, I just appreciate you considering my request.

    • Candice – I did take all 3 of the photos in this blog, but I’m not sure which one you are considering. I’m flattered that you think one of them is exquisite! I will definitely consider your request when I know what you’re thinking more specifically.

      • Hi there, thanks so much for getting back to me. The first one that comes up on your page when I click is a landscape – very vivid with darkness at the bottom and lots of purple. I will go there again and see if i can specifically tag but that is the one I really just fell in love with. You should be flattered though as you are a marvel with the camera, you should be so proud of your accomplishment! Either way I am grateful that you would consider my request, suffice to say, I have never just fallen in love with a photo taken by someone here, so you are incredible!

      • Thank you! Now I know for certain that you are referring to a photo here and are not a randomly-generated message. Pardon the hesitation! I will write you an e-mail at the address you provided. Thanks so much!

      • No worries I worry for similar reasons as I know there are ‘bots’ or some sort of strange thing that often write odd random and generated messages. Thank you I look forward to hearing from you xo

  2. Okay just went to your blog instead of my comments bar and checked. It is the first of the three pictures featured in your post.

    • Thanks, Elena. I couldn’t believe the color myself. Being right there in a tent at the very onset of dawn meant that I could just step outside and catch colors that I’d never seen before. It was magical! (and Steve slept through it)

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