Small World

“There is just one moon…


…and one golden sun…


…and a smile means friendship to everyone…

…though the oceans are wide…

edge 3

…and the mountains divide…


it’s a small world after all.”

My thought is that since it’s a small world, we ought to stop competing over it and start respecting it and each other.  Stop playing Tug of War; join hands, stick together, and play nicely. Children figure this out. Why can’t adults?

5 thoughts on “Small World

  1. Yeah! Why can’t everybody just get along?! And be respectful to the planet and all creatures great and small. Totally agree!! Maybe because after the children figure it out, their parents teach them how to behave badly.
    Beautiful pictures and collage of smiles!

    • We should just stop teaching competitiveness on all levels and see what happens…no success, no failure, no favorites, no grades, no points. Don’t be “better than”, just be better!

    • I remember singing that song in grade school chorus. Years later, I moved to California, went to Disneyland and took the ride. It was kind of a joke then. Seems pretty serious now.

      • Oh, yeah. When I was a kid we thought it was very corny, but as an adult I understood the message much better, and taught it to my kids and my Girl Scouts and still know the words by heart.

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