Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

“The combination of simultaneous musical notes…having a pleasing effect.”

“The quality of forming a pleasing or consistent whole.”

I have a B. A. in Music/Vocal performance.  Harmony is something that means many things to me.  It evokes memories of listening to my late husband’s barbershop quartet rehearsing in the living room, listening to my children sing tight vocal jazz arrangements with their friends, and performing with church choirs week in and week out.  

Harmony is rich and pleasing and ethereal.  How do you photograph that feeling? You might think of going directly to musical instruments.  Something like this:

Then again, that does not quite capture the mood.  Perhaps it looks more like this:



Yes, I think that’s better!



11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

    • I miss my piano, too! And the pump organ I played as a historic interpreter at the living history museum. That organ and my mom’s piano that I learned to play on are both part of the gallery here. 🙂

  1. Wow, that old pump organ! My brother played organ. He had an organ like that when he was 5. It’s all he wanted for Christmas, and he got it! His feet couldn’t reach the pedals, so guess who was down there pumping with her little hands!
    Nice post. It really depicts harmony. 🙂

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