Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons of Love

Click the link to listen to the song as you read: 525,600 minutes  – how do you measure a season of life?

Whether I measure my life in love,

in sunsets,

in Truth and the tears I cried, 

photo credit: Josh

photo credit: Josh

or in rain, snow, sun and the way that he died…

…every season has been rich, beautiful and full of Life.  So grateful for the way that is!


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons of Love

  1. Thank you, Scilla, for reminding me of this great song. Just what I needed to hear (3x) this morning and to remember all day. Your photos are tender gifts.

    • My kids were in high school when it came out, and just about every high school chorus sang it, it seemed. But I always liked it! I’m glad to share it and remind people of love!

  2. What a very beautiful post!! Your heart and the photos…exquisite.
    Blessings and peace

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