Weekly Photo Challenge: Time is Change

There’s no such thing as Time.  It’s not a thing; it is a concept.  It tries to explain why we see change, which is a thing. 

This looks different!  time tree

This difference is a change. Why did it change? Because the tree fell.  When did it fall?  Ah, now we need a concept for that moment and for the changes since that moment.

Leave a messageThis looks different.  This is a change.  Is it about the time?  47 years doesn’t mean much.  The changes mean a lot.  There was a man, a husband, a father, a singer.  Now, there is no man, no husband, no father, no song. 

What about this change?

time OWWIt might look like a change from what you’re used to, but some people see this every day.  No change; no time.

In order to feel a sense of time at all, we need to be able to imagine what something was like before and how it’s changed.

scale 2And then we try to measure the rate of change.  How long did it take for this to become something different?

time caveWe humans get to think about change and time because we have such big, big brains. Other species don’t. That gives us a huge amount of responsibility.  We should be taking that seriously, noticing changes and imagining what the future might be like. 

victory 2In time, we’ll see what changes.  And we’ll know how we’ve participated in that change as well. 


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Time is Change

  1. Not taking any political stands, but I enjoyed your thoughts. The redwoods are such perfect examples of “time.” In our first house, we had a wood-burning stove and a cast iron teapot just like that to put humidity into the air. Great memory.


  2. The photo that grabbed me was, of course, your husband’s tombstone. So thought-provoking. I’m currently reading “Embraced by the Light,” a book about a near-death experience that I used to hand out when I worked hospice but never really pondered. If you haven’t read it, you may want to. It will give you a sense of how close he still is to you, though I suspect you already know that.

    • I have read it, or at least parts of it, back when I was deeply involved in the Christian faith. I think about death in a much different way now, but still feel a sense of continuation, more in terms of natural history and science, e.g. his atoms are still here; matter doesn’t disintegrate completely.

  3. One of the messages she got that resonates with what you are saying is that each person’s belief system is good–that all are what fit each person. I find so much value in the 12 step idea of “Take what you like and leave the rest.”

  4. I love your photos, especially the one …I don’t know..is it in a cavern with stalactites? And I love the example of the people that were and aren’t anymore – with the picture of the stove and socks. Time is such an odd concept to explain change. And then there are those who think time is money. Haha! Great post. Thank you.

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