Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops! Fun Fails

Walking along the Ice Age Trail in June can take you along the tops of glacial formations like kames and eskers and drumlins.  It can also take you through kettles and boggy meadows.  Wisconsin in June is often wet.  We are blessed with abundant fresh water in the Great Lakes region. It’s a glorious thing to watch the greening of the landscape each year because of all that water. Things certainly bust out all over here. The tendency to misjudge the depth of water on the path is probably a pretty common “oops” for many hikers. But what a delight to pull off your soggy boots and socks and run barefoot in the new grass!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops! Fun Fails

  1. Reminds me of when horseback riding you come to a wet spot and have to try to judge whether it’s safe to go across or too boggy. A horseshoe can come off in too much muck and of course you don’t want the horse to sink in too far.


  2. I used to hate getting my feet when my boots weren’t waterproof after all. Great photo. And you are so right about the freedom of barefoot in the grass … lush soft grass. Reminded me of a good way to ‘ground’ myself. Thanks Scillagrace

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