Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

“Victory” is a word that makes me rather uncomfortable.  It brings to mind a dualism that causes suffering.  In other words, if there’s a victor, there must be a loser.  I feel sad when someone is put in that role.  I do not like competition.  I do not like war.  I do not like capitalism.  And I do not like losing or feeling “less than”.  So often, winners are unkind, insensitive and arrogant.  I was the fourth daughter in my family of origin, and I probably felt like “the loser” in lots of ways as a child: redundant, younger, dumber, less skilled.  It doesn’t feel good to be on that side of the scale.  I prefer to imagine a way that everyone can win, that we can all share and get what we need regardless of how much or how little we are able to contribute.  I used to tell my own 4 children, “Fair doesn’t mean everyone gets the same thing.  Fair means everyone gets what they need.”  May all beings be happy.  May we all feel that we can get what we need.  I am hoping for a kinder Victory for my country, for my children, for myself.

victory 2 victory

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

    • Thanks, Victoria. It was one of those things that just came out of my mouth one day in the throes of parenting, and it seemed like it had the ring of a Truth that wasn’t my own.

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  2. I too wasn’t so thrilled with this week’s theme but I’ve enjoyed the submissions where people have felt a victory overcoming some personal challenge. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

  3. Hi Priscilla,
    This was an eloquent response to the theme–and I love the photos supporting your piece. Your definition of fairness is so good. Thom got everyone in the family Bernie tee shirts. We believe that victory for Bernie will lead to many more people getting what they need.

  4. Very inspiring to read and let’s hope the new president of the USA will have wisdom and compassion. I’m often impressed with Obama but find it interesting that the so called most powerful man in the world has had to be restrained by democracy. God bless you all over there and in France now.

  5. You think a lot like me. I hate wars, and I believe that there are no “winners” in a war. Both sides have been injured, and will never be the same. I really enjoyed this post. P.S. I’m glad someone as intelligent as Bernie Sanders is rising! Feel the bern! 😉

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