Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

A beautiful everyday thing, for most people.  Walking.  Feet to the earth.  And in the USA, most of us wear shoes.  That, in itself, would be extraordinary for many inhabitants on the planet.  It was extraordinary in this country 200 years ago.  You walked to church barefoot, and put your shoes on when you got there, keeping them seldom worn so that you could pass them on to your younger siblings.  When you had to go out in the chicken yard, you wore wooden shoes.shoes

What do your everyday shoes look like?  What do they say about you?

relic 2

Cover art


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

  1. Perfect response to the prompt. My preferred shoes–Sauconny sneakers (sans holes in the bottom). I wear them always unless I have to dress up for something, God forbid. Comfort over style any day for me.

  2. Oh, I love your photos for (extra)ordinary! Absolutely wonderful. It makes me want to take inventory and probably just get rid of most of them. I pretty much wear the ones that are comfortable to death. I’ve found the brands that work best for me and stick to those few pairs.

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