“Blue ‘Shroom…

… I saw you standing alooooone…”

blue mushroomI saw lots of fun fungi on my wet walk through the pines along the Oconomowoc River on the Ice Age Trail today, but this was the funkiest!  I’ve never seen a blue mushroom before, have you?

“Lactarius indigo, commonly known as the indigo milk cap, the indigo (or blue) lactarius, or the blue milk mushroom, is a species of agaric fungus in the family Russulaceae. A widely distributed species, it grows naturally in eastern North America, East Asia, and Central America; it has also been reported in southern France. L. indigo grows on the ground in both deciduous and coniferous forests, where it forms mycorrhizal associations with a broad range of trees. The fruit body color ranges from dark blue in fresh specimens to pale blue-gray in older ones. The milk, or latex, that oozes when the mushroom tissue is cut or broken — a feature common to all members of the Lactarius genus — is also indigo blue, but slowly turns green upon exposure to air. The cap has a diameter of 5 to 15 cm (2 to 6 in), and the stem is 2 to 8 cm (0.8 to 3 in) tall and 1 to 2.5 cm (0.4 to 1.0 in) thick. It is an edible mushroom, and is sold in rural markets in China, Guatemala, and Mexico.” — Wikipedia

© 2015 photograph by Priscilla Galasso, All rights reserved

5 thoughts on ““Blue ‘Shroom…

  1. Never. I wonder what kind it is. Mushrooms fascinate me–we had an exhibit at our museum–an installation–totally focused on mushrooms. The artist did his work in mushroom dust. The theme was the Nevada Test Site…huge metaphoric exhibit. YOU would have loved it. Wish I could remember his name…I’ll see if I still have notes.

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