Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Is a Special Day – Birthday & Wedding

Today is a GRAND day!!  It’s my birthday, actually.  My birthday present to myself 3 years ago was to buy my first digital camera.  It is not a phone; it is a Canon.  I do not upload ‘apps’ on my flip phone; I talk or text.  Therefore, I do not have a Mesh gallery.  I have been using the WordPress gallery display for almost all of my photo challenge posts, and I like how it looks. 

A grand day is a day of living in the moment; a day of real, physical interaction with living things.  I have lots of those days, and sometimes, I have my camera with me.  It groups all the photos I took in a single day together, so I do have chronological records.  I admit, though, it takes a long time to download, edit, and upload them into WordPress to post them in a blog.  I do not hate technology, but I do want to be very careful and aware of how I use it and how much I use it.

So, what does it mean to ‘share’ a day?  My definition will always include being present and only tangentially include technological media.  That said, here is a gallery of photos from a very grand day that I shared with my family 3 months ago.  My brother’s wedding day:

Today Was a Good Day

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Is a Special Day – Birthday & Wedding

  1. It was great to see Mom and David! Wow what a fun day.. And Josh looks like his adorable father – God Bless him.

    We’re in Colorado now – Miss you,

    love, Val Dr. Valerie Richards-Andrews drvalr@gmail.com 760-580-3855


  2. Happy birthday, first of all. Second, your day looks absolutely wonderful. And third, I don’t have a Mesh gallery, either, although I do take massive amounts of photos with my phone. I also like to take my Nikon along and I try to minimize technology in my life or at least control it as much as possible. 🙂


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