Weekly Photo Challenge: Door – or No Door?

The open door…


…is a symbol of the fluidity of life.  We pass through, but may we not also pass around or over?  Most often, I believe, doors are constructions of our own egos, our own consciousness.  We perceive doors even where there are none, just as we construct walls in the wilderness for no reason other than to give us a sense of boundaries.  Why do we find boundaries and closed doors comforting?  Maybe because they give us an excuse for setting limits.  Maybe that’s how they make us feel safe.  Where do you build doorways?  How would you feel in a place where there were none?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Door – or No Door?

  1. Doors keep out predators and help us regulate warmth and cold in our homes, so I do feel they serve a practical purpose. In the same way, perhaps, we build psychic doors to protect us. Indeed, a seer once told me I hadn’t protected myself enough and that I needed to learn to shut out more of the noise! I took her advice and discovered a much more peaceful way of being.

    The nice thing about doors is that, physically or psychically, they can be opened to let in light, fresh air and those we love.

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