Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid Wings

The picture of the Sydney Opera House reminds me of this photo I took this week on a walk through the Fox Hill Nature Preserve, one of the properties owned by my new employer, Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation. 

VividElectric lights don’t seem to hold a candle to a day of sunshine on the first of June when the air temperature is a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  Even in mid-day, every color seemed to pop with vibrancy and life!


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid Wings

    • It sure perks up my mood…and my vitamin D levels! (My doctor put me on mega-dose pills once a week. Wisconsin winters really take it out of me, it seems.)

  1. I would guess those WI winters would do it. My wonderful grandfather who migrated West from Richland Center WI (a farm) used to tell me about them. My last memory of him is all bundled up in his wheel chair, under a blanket, with a knit cap on his head…in California! I don’t think he ever defrosted.

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