Alice Through My Lens

Alice would be celebrating her 56th birthday today. Thinking of her as I awoke, I found this post. I’m reblogging it in her memory. This weekend, I’ll be gathering with family at our brother’s wedding and holding all of those present and those absent in my heart. I’m sure it’ll burst at some point.


Blue eyes.  That was one thing that made her unique among 4 sisters.  She had our father’s eyes.   She was the shortest among us; I believe I grew to have at least a half an inch over her.  But that took a while.  Since she was 3 years older, I trailed behind her most of my life.  I definitely didn’t mind following in her footsteps.  I adored her.  She was the sweet sister, the kind one, the one who loved children and animals and had friends.  She somehow spanned the gap between being a nerd and being popular.  Not that she wasn’t picked on early in grade school.  We all were, and she was very sensitive to it.  When she was 10, she ran away from a boy who was chasing her down the sidewalk.  He caught up to her and managed to grab the back of her coat hood

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2 thoughts on “Alice Through My Lens

  1. Dear Scilla,
    I know this was a life-shaping experience and my heart goes out to you and your family. Losing someone like that is something that one never quite recovers from, even as it makes you stronger or more aware or more compassionate or appreciative of every moment.

    • Thank you for the compassion of your friendship…and your heart. To ‘recover’ is to make it whole cloth with the rest of me, which I believe it is by now. All is well.

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