Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh and Refresh

“Fresh and refresh were sitting in a boat…” (anyone remember that old joke about Pete and Repeat?) Would you believe I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes now for my computer to wake up and let me access my photo files?  How many times have I hit ‘refresh’? 

I have also been waiting (rather impatiently, again) for signs of spring.  Finally, the temperatures got warmer last week, and I saw the first scilla siberica pop up in the garden.  Can you believe something as tender as this little flower can crack through the crusty earth?  What is the force behind its penetrating power? 

scilla sibericaIt must be the power of Life, of change and renewal.  (To see a photo essay I did recently entitled: Renewed Like An Eagle – A Spiritual Lesson from Nature, click here.) I am winter weary and ready for fresh growth.  I can’t wait for more of Life bursting from the soil!

Happy Spring!  May you be refreshed by the change!


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh and Refresh

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  2. Wonderful. This morning I saw mama duck taking our first “batch” of ducklings to the water for a dip. It’s more like summer here, but the baby ducks remind us of new beginnings. One of the downfalls of wintering in the desert is that you don’t have a full appreciation of spring–but most years, when we go back home, we get to enjoy it.

  3. I agree that it is astonishing that a tiny little shoot can push it’s way up through hard soil .. spring keeps springing here in the Uk and then retreating again ! grrrr.

  4. Beautiful photos and wonderful narrative! That last shot is really something!
    The renewal of spring is awesome, and I’m ready for it, too! We had snow on Friday. Most of it is gone now, but the only thing that has greened and bloomed are the snow drops. That will be my post for “Fresh” in a little while…

      • Snowdrops are the first flowers to bloom in my garden. They poke through the ground in February or March, even under snow. The botanical name, which I just looked up, is galanthus nivalis. I made the post a little while ago if you want to check it out 🙂

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