Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Gone, But Not Forgotten.”

Well, this is an obvious one.  After all, I am a widow.  How can I forget the love of my life, my one and only husband, the father of my four children and the man who bought me my first Canon (an AE-1 for Christmas when I was 17)?  I am in a wonderful relationship now with a new partner, Steve, and he’s featured in many of my posts.  But Jim is my first love, the man who was beside me for 30 years, from the time I was 15.  So much of my adult formation took place in those years, even though profound change has happened since.  Shortly after Jim died, I became an empty-nester, I sold our home, and I stopped practicing evangelical Christianity.  Gone are my ‘suburban mom’ characteristics…the van, the mortgage, the disposable income, the salaried position with a Christian company in my home town, the prayer groups and Bible studies, the daily involvement with my kids.  My life is definitely different.  I am much more independent and self-reliant now.  But I haven’t forgotten how well loved I was, how dedicated Jim was to taking care of me.  As his best friend said at his memorial service, he was a Prince of a man.  And he was definitely Charming. 

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

  1. This made me think of my mom who was a War Widow at 22 and then, seven years later, found another love. She used to say “There’s always room for another love.” I borrowed this line for my first novel. How wonderful that you have Steve and you had Jim. Truly a painful blessing.

  2. Heartwarming tribute, thank you for reminding us how fragile life and happiness are. Wonderful interpretation of the challenge! ❤️
    Best regards, Dina, also a widow

  3. A beautiful tribute. I’m happy you had Jim and that you found a new love with Steve. Glad he got you that camera, too. 🙂 I am curious, though, why you would give up Christianity.


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  5. This is such a wonderful tribute to Jim … Thank you for giving a glimpse of your life with this Prince of a man. In telling our stories – our joys, our struggles, our dreams – this helps in supporting one another in this critical and sometimes confusing moment of history. Truly heart felt, Priscilla. All the best to you and Steve as you move forward as part of the New Story…

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