Photography 101: Double

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am doubly thankful for you, the blogging community.  Thank you for your visits and thank you for hosting me when I visit.  It’s been great fun and great learning doing this project.  There are (at least) twice as many wonders in this world to see than I imagine.  I am grateful to be opened and broadened and expanded by your lives and your art.  Thank You, Thank You!!


2 thoughts on “Photography 101: Double

  1. I’m proud of you, Priscilla…you made it through to the end. I’ve had an impossibly busy 3 months (remodeling and, of course, Thanksgiving–but I’m going to continue to try to complete the challenge then post them in a gallery, or maybe single posts with a poem. We’ll see. You and your photography inspire me in many ways. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Victoria! I’m glad to be an inspiration of any kind. I found the tips for better composition that each of these challenges contained very helpful. Have fun with it, whenever you get to it.

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