This Old House

In the late 1960s, a couple with 2 young children bought their first house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

the house

There were small trees in the back yard that grew and grew…

back yardThe trees shaded the house and the garden.  The children played beneath the trees, and the mother and father planted flowers in the garden so that they could sit outside and enjoy their color and fragrance.

gardenThe children grew, too, fed at the kitchen table.

kitchen tableThey grew tall and strong…

stairway…and enjoyed their own place to dream and read and learn.

Steve's roomAs time went on, the children grew to adults and moved away from the house.  The couple lived there still, and grew older together.  Then the father died, and the mother lived there alone.  Finally, she decided to sell the little home to another young family with small children…and a baby on the way.  So she and her grown-up son said ‘good-bye’ to the place together.

Steve & MomThank you, little house, for sheltering this family.  Thank you, trees and garden, for living and growing with them.  May you continue to shelter and live and grow with the new family, in peace.

14 thoughts on “This Old House

  1. I love how you told this story of a couple planting their roots in a house to raise their family that became their home for over 50yrs and now the time has come to let go of that home and open the door for another young couple to make this house their home. The circle of life. (great photos)

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  3. This is so lovely. Time, time, time..I love these houses too, so much more appealing to me than our crushed-up-all-together ones!

    • Here in the U.S. we have more buffer space because…we can. California is becoming a place of “tract mansions”, huge luxury houses all crowded together because real estate is so valuable in that desirable location. Personally, I like having wildlife space all around and fewer people.

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