Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Containers are recyclable!

the couch  Containers bear gifts!

oneContainers can be colorful and decorative!

P1040448 (2)


Containers come in many shapes and sizes for holding FOOD!

Thanksgiving sideboardSo, containers can be very useful.  There’s also something to be said for that which cannot be contained!

cranesHave a great weekend, free or contained!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

  1. Came back again, Priscilla. I would love to do some of these in collage. And tomorrow’s prompt for Bardo is allegory. Maybe you should link this photo-poem! Or maybe I should use containers for my poem. Or both!

    • Earthen vessels, humans…recyclable, full of nice surprises, decorative and sustaining life as well as having qualities that are not contained. Yes, that could be an allegory!

    • Those chocolates are an adventure in themselves! My daughter was tasting them in the shop and making such animated expressions that the store keeper asked her if she was okay. Surprising flavors layered over time are unexpected in most candies. Here’s the description for the one she was tasting, called Caribbean Fire: 70% Ecuadorian chocolate surrounds a slowly erupting, fiery center of ancho and chipotle peppers, nutmeg, allspice and jerk seasoning blended into 65% dark chocolate.

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