Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

Room….and room enough.  How do you make space in your life, for yourself, for your dreams, for another person? 

Scholar & Poet

How do you create warmth and comfort and interest? 

room dining

Is that just about outer atmosphere, or is the inner condition of your soul the place from which an invitation to abide emanates? 

renewal 2

Isn’t that what “room” is all about?  A place to abide, be it contained or uncontained. 

room tent

And what is abiding?  To me, it’s more than living…it’s living in peace. 


I want to abide — in my house, in my work, in my life, in the world — in peace. 


© 2014, essay and photographs, Priscilla Galasso, All rights reserved

29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

      • It’s all good information, Scilla, butI like to intersperse the photos to break up the big blocks of words and give people time to reflect upon that thought before moving on to the next. I think it lends itself well to your style, as you have beautiful photos and thoughts worth pondering.

    • It came out like that mostly serendipitously, I’ll admit. Steve is in so many of my rooms…or we share rooms, but he’s in front of the camera, and I’m behind it…and so I wonder if it’s our complexity and our oneness, too!

  1. Yes! I felt this whole post..the need for peace just burns all the harder the more you experience I think..and the capacity to be grateful in the joy in the everyday..I like the gentleness here..and also love the look of your rooms!

  2. The B&W portrait is absolutely wonderful. I love the pics of the house – I mean home! too. And all the ideas and questions here. The spaces all look very…inhabited.

    • Thank you! I have to say that the kitchen is not really inhabited; it’s one of the houses at the living history museum where I work, Old World Wisconsin. Thanks for your visit!

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