Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I’m tired and indecisive this evening, so you get two interpretations of this theme.   The first is this one:


It’s my daughter, Rebecca, at her sister’s bridal shower.  A couple of months after this photo was taken, her boyfriend proposed, and now she’s poised to be the next bride in our family.  Perhaps she’ll be carried over a threshold shortly after that. (But that’s a pretty old custom; maybe no one does that any more.)  Here’s another go:


threshold 2This one’s probably a bit less literal, but maybe more poetic.  I like the ascent from darkness to light, from the cool, barren rock to the wall of mossy fecundity.  I like the passage littered with dead leaves that gives way to the vault of sunshine.  Steve and I have been talking about the joyous urgency of blooming.  He is in midlife, going to turn 50 in November, and he is eager to do something important with his life.  And soon!  So we are aware of this threshold and urging the “joy of change and movement” into our lives.  Not sure exactly how that will be manifest, but stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

  1. Two very different takes on the theme 🙂
    Like it a LOT!
    PS – carrying over threshold is not “old” – we did it when we got married 5 and a half years ago! But then again, people do call us old souls sometimes 🙂

  2. I’ve carried Mrs Shpics over every new threshold we’ve found ourselves living in since marriage 14 years ago….
    It’s getting harder. 😦
    I can’t even blame her, she’s 6 pounds lighter now…. I might just have to give up on all of the good old fashioned romance…..That or buy a truss.

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