Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Windows of opportunity.  Every moment hosts an opportunity, even moments of disappointment, tragedy, and loss.  In each moment, we have an opportunity to choose, to act, to be, to embody…whatever we value.  What do you shine from your windows?

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

  1. Aaaagh!!!…A little green God of envy has taken up residence on my shoulder…..
    Would it be so bad if I downloaded the crumbly, blue, 3-chairy, binny, ginghammy shot and pretended it was my own?
    It would be wouldn’t it?….
    And I’d know wouldn’t I?

    I like the fact that you write like an angel Scilla, but PLEASE can you try to make sure that your photos don’t start making me feel totally inadequate as well….

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