Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Surprise!  It’s not what you expected.  How do you respond?  Laughter.  Disappointment.  Curiosity.  Do you set it ‘right’?  How did you come to have an expectation about this, anyway?  Expectations produce emotions.  They set you up, mostly for suffering, if you become attached to those expectations.  If the discovery that you have harbored some expectation takes you by surprise, but you’re not emotionally invested in it, it can be funny.  “Oh, yeah, I guess I wasn’t expecting that.  But there it is.  How interesting!”  Steve’s favorite story about this goes something like this:

A Zen master who had recently had a mini-stroke was invited to perform a traditional ceremony of calligraphy.  He had practiced this art for years and participated in the ritual often.  He calmly took his place and lifted the long, slender brush.  Carefully, he dipped it into the ink and raised it above the thin rice paper.  The assembly was silent.  His hand was still.  Moments passed.  Gradually, a wondrous smile spread across the master’s face.  He laid the brush aside and beamed.  “I’ve forgotten how!”  he laughed. 

May you know delight in all that unfolds.  Peace, my friends.


32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

    • It’s actually the road up to a Catholic basilica. And it’s not the center white line but the line at the shoulder of the road. So, it’s a private road. If it were a public road, would you say it ‘needed’ to be fixed? Why?


      • That ‘simple fact’ is actually a choice…and choices can be un-made as easily as they’re made. The money that would be spent re-painting small anomalies like this might well be better spent elsewhere. Those ‘simple facts’ often become dogma. “We’ve gotta do it”…and absurdity ensues.


      • Well where then ought the money be spent then?
        Perhaps in litigation over the position of the person who didn’t take the time and precaution to properly prep the surface before preforming the work so that it was done right, or maybe the funds would be better spent in seeking out an alternative contractor that would be competent of actually completing their task so that discrepancies like this wouldn’t even be an issue, or perhaps it would be better if instead of redoing the work and so that the mistake doesn’t go unaccounted for the money that would be spent on redoing the job would be better invested in sticks that could be used on some old horse that would be beaten for this vehement transgression of responsibility of doing a job the horse could simply be beaten like it was a piñata at a thirteen year olds birthday party. Frankly I’m a little partial to the piñata.

      • Yeah the oak where else are you gonna hang the piñata from?
        Why spend money planting? Besides it’s already been spent on sticks to beat
        the horse. More trees will only create more leaves and this problem will only
        get worse and more sticks will have to bought and more horses beaten…

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