29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Pulp

  1. Priscilla, thanks for your visits. I haven’t forgotten about your submission. Thank you! I’m not sure when it will post, but within a week. Look forward to more from you.

    Warmest regards,

      • I am NOT! “This is a person who habitually and ceremoniously participates in the destruction of written material and other forms of media (such as videotapes, CDs and phonographic records). It is thought that Athanasius; the bishop of Alexandria was the first biblioclast.” I don’t make habit nor ceremony, nor do I destroy. I simple re-purpose pages that have been loved out of their covers. I must defend my reputation as a bibliophile from such hasty accusations!


      • I am chastened within an inch of my life…..
        May the heavens protect my unworthy self from un-deservedly slighted book lovers…
        Though I do rather like you when you’re angry….

        p.s. Have you not heard of sellotape?

      • Actually, no. Sellotape, as I have now Googled, is a British brand. Now, how is that different from Scotch tape, and is the Kingdom really United after all? Shall we tape you all together and be done with it?

      • You’re being disingenuous…you know perfectly well that Scotch tape is a copy of an original, ( somewhat like America and England), and that any old tape would probably suffice to rescue a book from death by rosification…
        However…I feel I’m becoming rather childish and would like to nip further badinage in the bud and say once again ‘I love your paper flowers!’…….
        My disapproval was feigned, a mere conceit…
        If a book can’t be read it should be savagely pruned, crumpled artistically, and soundly sniffed….

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