An Abecedarius Award!

I have been given another award! *smiles like a 6 year old*  Many thanks to Sally from Lens and Pens for this honor!

This one looks rather fun: it’s called the Awesome Blog Content award and comes with a kind of game to play.  I get to go through the alphabet and choose a word or phrase that describes me.  Ready, Campers?!  Here goes:

A – Appreciation and Awareness

B – Bio-luminescent

C – Cheerful

D – Discovery World

E – Elephants!

F – Fantasy

G – Galasso (duh!)

H – Heigho (possibly obscure to those who don’t know me well…)

I – Intelligent

J – Jim

K – Kappa (as in Phi Beta)

L – Love, love, love

M – Music

N – Nurturing

O – Old World Wisconsin

P – Priscilla (again, duh!)

Q – QI

R – Renewal

S – Sincere

T – Truth

U – Universal

V – Vulnerable

W – Widow

X – Extraordinary

Y – Young at heart

Z – Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Now, instead of nominating other bloggers for this award, what I’m going to do is link you to my favorite post of this morning.  Into the Bardo, A Blogazine features a post about a discussion of language and play which I found very interesting reading.  Check it out!

Anyone else who reads this and wants to do the ABC word association game in a post, just for fun, can consider themselves awarded!  Go ahead, post the logo…it’s like sewing another patch on your Girl Scout sash!


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