Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves


How many internet “news” headlines associate that word with female celebrities on the red carpet?  SOOOooo not my style of subject.

The curve ball?  The cosmic 2 by 4 upside the head?  Ah, yes.  That experience is one with which I am familiar.  I appreciate a good twist of fate/destiny/plot/philosophy.  I’ve been reading a 1917 copy of Best Russian Short Stories compiled by Thomas Seltzer.  Intense!  Revolutionary!  Profound!  I recommend The Shades, A Phantasy by Korolenko:  Socrates investigating the justice of religion, and for lighter fare, How a Muzhik Fed Two Officials by Saltykov: like Mark Twain satire, only Russian.

Visually, curves are naturally graceful.  Is there anything in nature that is completely straight?  I’ve thought about that several times, and the closest thing I can come up with is a pine needle.  Any other ideas out there?

So, here are some curves from my photo files:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

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  2. I like the slideshow, too. I think my favorite shot is through the round window looking out over the colorful trees. As for straight in nature, quite a few stalks are straight and grass generally is as well.


    • Yes, the view from Holy Hill in autumn is one of my favorites, too. Stalks are pretty straight; grass, too, as well as pine needles, but the longer they grow, the more they have a slight curve to them. Gravity is the natural curling iron of nature, I think! 🙂


  3. Hi Scilla,
    I love your interpretation of the theme, and the slide show is really beautiful. The straightest line I can think of in nature would be geological–there is something called columnar jointing, which is what happens when volcanic rock cools in a certain way, creating geometric columns. The Giants’ Causeway in Northern Ireland is an example of this. It’s not always a perfect line, but sometimes it has the appearance of being so. I suppose there are certain crystals too that have very straight edges. Anyway, you got me thinking. Even the horizon, which we think of as a straight line, is really curved.

    • I do know the columnar jointing of Devil’s Postpile in Madera, CA…the hexagonal sections break off rather like string cheese, and they are straight in part…and curve as well. Geometry seems like one of those things that is based on nature, but taken to the theoretical extreme of perfection, which is really only a human concept. “Perfectly straight” is an illusion, I think. Alan Watts says this is a wiggly world, and I tend to believe him! 🙂


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