Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

This week’s photo challenge, A Day in My Life, is a great opportunity for me to tell my readers about my New JOB!  I have completed two days of training at Discovery World in Milwaukee, and although I haven’t taken any of my own pictures, you can see some on their website.  In addition to my job in Guest Services at this museum, I will also begin working two days a week at Old World Wisconsin at the end of next month as a Costumed Historic Interpreter.  This means that I get to do weekly time travel, from the 19th Century into the Future, and talk to folks of all ages about how things work, how we work, what we do with what we know, and what wonderful things are all around us!  I think it’s pretty cool that someone’s willing to pay me to do that.  And when I get home, I photograph, describe, list and sell all kinds of old and new stuff on eBay.  

Favorite elements of my new job: hearing the screech of seagulls on the Lake, matching my breathing to the pace of fish in the aquarium (ever notice how flying ducks are always in a hurry and fish rarely seem to be?), watching a 5-yr-old stroke a Pencil Urchin with 2 small fingers, and seeing a kid’s face light up when he lands his plane in the Flight Simulator.  I am looking forward to getting a deck tour and cruise on the SV Denis Sullivan when the ship returns from the Caribbean and taking in a film at the outside amphitheater at dusk during the summer.

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

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  2. Congratulations on your new job as historic interpreter. I have a long, long term project about an old-world bonnet. I published an article in a history journal about it. Those remnants of our past hold so many secrets that are often directly before our sights.

    • Thanks, Sally! Actually, my new job is at Discovery World in Guest Services. That’s a techno museum and aquarium. In addition to that, I will be returning to a job I had last summer as a historic interpreter in about a month. I love the stories behind the artifacts at Old World!


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  6. It sounds like you’re in a new job. Good luck and congratulations. I love the office shot and can completely relate…lol. Nicely lived day. 🙂

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  11. Congrats on the new job! I’d love to see more of your world. Let’s make some plans for the summer since I’ll be out there anyway. xoxox

      • Well at least call them names and pull faces when they’re not looking…….

        I think that Victorian Britains attitude to children, a few years sweeping chimneys, regular beatings, shared shoes, crusts and maybe the occasional chicken bone on a birthday, would be far more character building than all this current emphasis on kindness and education….
        I’m sure the main reason that I’m a dissolute wastrel is the lack of severe punishment during my formative years….
        Sad I know, but in my case its simply too late.

      • Free-thinking, sensitive souls instead of frightened automatons? Why would a civilized society want to nourish those sorts, I ask you? Certainly, let’s hand out the beatings and the chicken bones!

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