Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

When Steve asked me on Sunday if I’d made New Year’s resolutions yet, I grumbled at him, “I don’t jump on that bandwagon.”  I had a sore throat that turned into a head cold and was definitely sending out the “leave me alone!” vibe.  I make resolutions to do better every single day of my life, and it often becomes an exercise in self-flagellation.  Someone I admire does this kind of thing much better than I do: visit her New Year’s post here. (plugging my daughter’s blog – I typed ‘blugging’ first; suppose I can coin a new word?)  

Actually, Steve and I had spent quite a bit of time last week discussing and deciding on goals for this new year.  We call it “pointing our canoe”.  One of the things I put on my list was to submit something to a publisher every month of this year.  Another thing on our mutual list was to plan a weekly field trip to learn and research and engage in our love of the land (land ethics, land management, environmental education) and to get outside every day for a walk.  I skipped the first two days of this year with a head cold, but I’ve managed in the last couple of days to walk to the car repair shop, the grocery store, the bank, and the cafe where we breakfast with his mom.  Now, this might not sound like a big accomplishment, but let me add one bit of info – I live in Milwaukee.  And this is what is forming outside my upstairs window:

tri cicle

That, my dear readers, is a tri-cicle (three-pronged icicle; just coined another word – where do I collect?) photographed through the screened window.  The center section of this bad boy is about 4 feet long now.   This is what outside is like here, and this is where I want to be every day.  I don’t want to make it more comfortable, I don’t want to avoid it.  My resolution is all about facing the world as it is and appreciating its wonder as a thing that I don’t comprehend or control.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

  1. Inspirational…. Early yesterday morning I had a bird singing it’s little head off at the top of my weeping willow tree.. I drank in the sound which filled me with happiness.. ain’t nature wonderful 🙂
    Your icicles look…coooooold !

    • You see? We belong there; we know it somewhere deep inside, and yet we keep paving it over, emotionally and physically. *shaking my head*


  2. Thanks, Naomi. Actually, Damocles came crashing down yesterday in a thaw of 30 degrees. We got some snowfall and then RAIN last night. This is how it is in this new millennium…changing.

  3. That is how it is in this life…changing! Dropped Bea off at the airport to send her back to school this morning. Now the clock has started once again, and I intend to grab this new year by the…minute and hour hands? Time to get cracking!

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