Hiking in Hunting Season

It was a quiet Sunday along the Ice Age Trail…until the Packer’s football game ended.  “Blaze orange” jackets and shotgun blasts began to add noise mid-afternoon.  Steve and I are both creeped out by the gun culture.  Not that we don’t acknowledge the usefulness of procuring food and enjoying exercise.  The violence that these weapons invite seems to us completely unnecessary.   Is that an integral part of “hunting”?  Why is hunting a social norm in the Midwest?  I don’t remember fall being a time when people went hunting when I lived in California…they were mostly anticipating ski season.  Anyway, here’s what I shot on my excursion:

14 thoughts on “Hiking in Hunting Season

  1. Ha! Nice — “Here’s what I shot…” I too don’t understand gun culture or really, hunting in general. I mean, I know how people justify it. But as a huge lover of animals, it’s always really disturbed me. Great pics!

    • Thanks, Doree! The only wildlife we actually saw were some woodpeckers and white pelicans (I think…coulda been an egret), but we also saw a muskrat mound.


  2. I don’t think I need to comment on my views regarding hunting.. I think you can guess where I stand !!
    but what I do need to comment on are your gorgeous photos Scilla.. Ohhh those blues and hiow much I want to saunter along the wooden walkway

  3. Guns are very scary, and the mentality that goes along with the gun culture is even scarier. I avoid hunting grounds during hunting season, because very often drinking is a part of that scene, too. Your pictures are lovely, Scilla.

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